We are Blue Schools Mallorca


WE are Blue Schools is an Erasmus + project aimed to set up blue schools in Mallorca and bring environmental awareness and sustainability skills to young people in schools in Mallorca.

The project aims to successfully implement as a pilot project an inclusive and comprehensive EU Blue School Network in the confined regional area of Mallorca over the short term of one school year (9 months October to June) by creating a true grass-roots approach that includes teachers, schools and local environmental actors.

It will also document this approach in a BluePrint that enables other EU regions to follow this example and successfully recruit a large Network of European Blue Schools.

The primary target group of the “WE are Blue Schools” project are school teachers and school leaders from all levels of schools – primary school, secondary school and basic VET.

More info: https://weareblueschools.eu

Coordinator: Sea-Teach

Partners: Es LlEdoner, CC Sant Alfons, EMSEA, Clube Intercultural Europeu