Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport -OSES


The project “Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport” will focus on the development of tools for federations and local sports actors to educate youth in eco-responsible actions and develop environmental awareness from an early age through sport.

It is built around three main objectives:- Assess the experience and insight of active sports organisations on creating and implementing an awareness campaign and educational methodology towards ocean and seas preservation- Develop educational and environmental awareness methodology at local level to foster ocean protection through sports- Measure the social and environmental impact of the programme implemented to strengthen advocacy toward ocean protection. The project is built around four pilot interventions, implemented by sport organisations at local, regional and European level. Those pilot interventions will consist of integrating pedagogical methodology, about ocean protection and environmental awareness, into day-to-day sports activities and as an essential part of sport activities. More than only implementing activities, one of the main objectives is to measure the social and environmental impact of our field interventions, in order to showcase the benefits and importance of educating the youth to environmental issues with concrete, measurable and identifiable results. By defining the spectrum of analysis and the tools used with relevant stakeholders, the project will ensure that the results obtained are appropriated and translated into operational terms.

Partners : Sport et Citoyennete, Surfrider Foundation Europe delegation Spain, University of Barcelona, Innovations Bleues, Divers Alert Network Europe Foundation,  Ligue de Voile de Normandie, GPDESIGN Unipessoal Lda, Club Nàutic Garraf  PADI EMEA, EMSEA

Erasmus+ Programme (ERASMUS)


Project: 101090795 — OSES

Project duration:   36  months


Contact: Dominika.Wojcieszek@emsea.eu