Network of European Blue Schools


We motivate schools to be part of the wave of change by becoming a European Blue School.

A European Blue School recognizes the importance of the ocean in its education activities by taking up the Find the Blue challenge. By bringing real-life marine and maritime contexts to the classroom, students are encouraged to become responsible and engaged ocean literate citizens.

Schools that take up the Find the Blue challenge shall identify an ocean-based topic that is relevant to their students, and collaborate with their pupils to create a school project. The aim is to make the ocean a relevant part of the school curriculum through project-based learning. Student ownership, collaborations with ocean professionals, and creating a community with the same passion will be key values of these projects. By successfully completing the Find the Blue challenge, schools will receive the European Blue School certification ad become part of an international network of ocean minded teachers.

The Network of European Blue Schools is part of the EU4Ocean Coalition of Ocean Literacy, an initiative funded by the European Commission, DG MARE that connects diverse organisations, projects and people contributing to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean.

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