Fins into the water


The Mediterranean Sea is one of the tourist hot spots in the world that is facing several environmental challenges. Due to the fact that more than 400 million people visit the region annually, it puts significant pressure on the already fragile resources and environment. Nevertheless, visitors of the Med can spend their holidays in a more sustainable way while sectors and businesses also have to take part to make their operations as green and blue as possible. As everything starts with education, knowledge transfer is crucial.

This is what brings together 7 organizations from Ecomarine Malta, Malta; Hellenic Centre for marine research, Greece; EMSEA, Belgium; University of Zadar, Croatia; Envjoy Nature and Peix al Plat, Spain; and Bikini Diving, Italy where the leading organization is Clean Boating from Mallorca. Building on the Mediterranean Sea Literacy principles, the project aims to create an open-source library with all Mediterranean languages along with ArcGIS Map and visual elements that can be provided principally for leisure centers and any other maritime tourism stakeholders in the Med. In this way, the target groups learn about ocean literacy principles tailor-made for the Med region and raise awareness of the challenges and solutions.

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Project partners:

Clean Boating - websiteInstagramFacebook

Bikini Dving - websiteInstagramFacebook

Ecomarine Malta - websiteInstagramFacebook

El Peix al plat, Envjoy - websiteInstagramFacebookInstagram envjoy

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) - websiteInstagram

University of Zadar - websiteFacebook  

European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) - websiteInstagramFacebook