Evy Copejans

Managing director

Evy is the cofounder and managing director of EMSEA, leading the EU4Ocean Network of European Blue Schools and Bridge-BS. Previously she has been Senior Science Communication Officer at the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), Ostend, Belgium. She is an experienced education consultant, having created education projects and professional development workshops focused on bringing the ocean to the classroom. After graduating as a geography teacher, she was rewarded with the prize for best thesis `The North Sea, Mare Incognitum´, which highlighted that the ocean was hardly mentioned in the geography curriculum and advising policy makers how to revise it. She is co-author of several public outreach articles and publications, including the first textbook in Dutch on marine science for teachers. Evy Copejans is also a board member of the Flemish Geography Teachers (VLA)  and publisher of the magazine the Geography.