'We are Blue Schools' wins award!

The WestMED award honours excellent projects that strenghten the Blue Economy in the WestMED region.

We Are Blue Schools_Som Escoles Blaves was one of the four nominated success stories in the competition that provided innovative and replicable solutions, embodying the WestMED initiative’s vision for the western Mediterranean. We are Blue Schools won the competition !

WE are Blue Schools is an Erasmus + project aimed to bring environmental awareness and sustainability skills to young people in schools by teaching them Ocean Literacy. The project aims to establish a network of blue schools in Mallorca over the short term of one school year (9 months October to June) by creating a true grass-roots approach that includes teachers, schools and local environmental actors. This approach will be documented in a BluePrint that enables other EU regions to follow this example and successfully recruit a large Network of European Blue Schools.


Project partners: SEA TEACH, CC Sant Alfons, Clube Intercultural Europeu and EMSEA.