Submit your water sports project to our Good Practices Handbook - deadline extended!

In order to collect even more amazing projects and make our Handbook as comprehensive as possible we decided to extend the deadline for project submission to June 23, 2023.

The project Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport (OSES) is focused on the development of tools for federations and local sports actors to educate youth in eco-responsible actions and develop environmental awareness from an early age through sport. In the first phase of the project, EMSEA is creating a Good Practices Handbook that will be a benchmark for educational tools applied in environmental awareness and ocean protection education and will help us evaluate how such solutions are implemented. 

We kindly invite all organizations and individuals that connect water sports with marine education and ocean literacy to submit their projects by filling out the survey below.  Your contributions will help us get a full picture of the experiences and insight of active sports organizations on implementing environmental awareness through sport.

Choose the language version and let us know about your project: