Join the Network of European Blue Schools

Applications to the Network of European Blue Schools in the Fall of 2023 are now open. 

The Network is an initiative of the European Commission, supported by DG MARE, and developed by the EU4Ocean Coalition partners. Over the past three years, EMSEA has been working on expanding the Network, forging partnerships with both formal and non-formal educational institutions, supporting teachers and students alike, fostering the development of transformative blue projects, and facilitating new partnerships.

As always at this time of year we extend a warm invitation to kindergartens, primary, lower and upper secondary, technical, and vocational schools to 'FIND THE BLUE”— identify ocean-based topics that resonate with their students and encourage them to create and conduct a school project to better understand the topic.

How to become a European Blue School?

Apply with the description of the project conducted by students at your school. Every project that a school submits to become a European Blue School has to meet the following five mandatory criteria:

  1. Develop a project with interlinked activities
  2. Produce a clear output
  3. Involve all students
  4. Collaborate with a local partner
  5. Communicate project results

The application deadline is December 15, 2023

Fill out the form to apply. 

Visit the Network of European Blue Schools website to learn more.