Farewell Doug Levin

We regret to inform you about the passing of one of our active members, Doug Levin, aka Doug the Geologist. Doug had a rich career in building and deploying seafloor mapping and buoy systems. But we in EMSEA mostly knew Doug as an inspiring and gifted teacher-scientist who lived with a sense of wonder, passion, and scientific curiosity. He made rocks and sand cooler than they already are.

Doug was a positive person, full of life, and a forever source of laughter. For many, he was a mentor and friend, and a true advocate for women, especially in marine science. He never questioned if you could do something, it was only a question of when you would. He touched the hearts of many of us and will be missed.

Just as a fossil is magic forever impressed in earth and rock and valued for its uniqueness, so too will your legacy be impressed upon all who knew you.