Meet our Advisory Group member Mariana Almeida

Meet Mariana Almeida, a biologist with a rich academic background and a member of our advisory group. Mariana holds a BSc in Biology (2006), an MSc in Marine Biology (2009), and a PhD in Marine Biology, all earned at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Mariana’s research has included the characterization of benthic communities in coastal and deep-sea environments of the Mediterranean Sea and North-West Atlantic and the assessment of environmental and anthropogenic drivers that are shaping these benthic communities.

After completion of her academic studies, Mariana moved to the University of Minho (Portugal) and broadened her research scope and interests to study materials produced by marine invertebrates and their applications. Throughout her academic studies, Mariana has actively contributed to science education through projects aimed at enhancing ocean literacy, serving as a science monitor and analysing science teaching facilities and resources in Portuguese schools.

Mariana is currently a researcher working at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) of the University of Aveiro in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources.

Mariana and the rest of the EMSEA community can be reached via the Member Directory on the Reef!