Member Resources
EMSEA Members are practicing marine biologists, educators, teachers and researchers working tirelessly toward the common goal of raising widespread understanding of everything about our ocean, from its features, what lives within, our relationship to it and much much more.
We are delighted to share some of our Member's resources, so whether you are looking for information to sharpen your own knowledge or resources to help towards our goal of increasing ocean literacy, we hope the information below will be of help.

Information pages

Title Description Audience
Observing our Ocean: Why it is important and What can it tell us
POGO (Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean)
Different ways that we observe the ocean.
Islands Transition Handbook: How to develop your island's clean energy transition agenda 
Clean Energy for EU Islands
EU initiative to support island communities for transitioning to clean energy.
Community Groups
Anatomy of a Colossal Squid 
Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa
The 3 colossal squid held by Te papa have given scientists a unique opportunity to examine its bizarre anatomy.
Future Ocean Resources : Evidence Pack 
Royal Society
The report explores novel marine resources including a summary of the economic, technological & environmental considerations that will be fundamental in determining the extent to which they are exploited.

Education Packs

Title Description Audience
Ocean School From Home
Ocean School, Canada
A selection of the best Ocean School resources! Inquiry based learning aiming to provide content for all subjects through an ocean lens. Created to help educators make links to their curriculum during the pandemic.
Parents, educators & pupils
Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
Using independent science to understand the true condition of the Reef and the challenges it faces.
Seahorse Educational Pack
The Seahorse Trust
unique resource to understand the interaction of seahorses and their environment and how life is interconnected in so many ways.
Earth Educational Resources
Earth Learning Idea
Innovative, Earth-related teaching ideas.
Microplastics: small but deadly
Science in School
From the use of plastic to the problem of microplastics in marine environment.
Microplastics and the marine environment
NAGT Teach the Earth
From the use of plastic to the problem of microplastics in marine environment.
Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS
Dynamic Earth (& ATLAS)
A selection of resources developed to help educators and scientists engage the public with the deep-Atlantic ocean.
Resource Collection
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
Information point for teachers and home educators.
Parents, educators & pupils


Title Description Audience
Plastic Pollution and the toilet
Natalie Fee
The toilet as part of the water cycle.
The Underwater Technology Podcast
Society for Underwater Technology
Weekly short podcast featuring news & an interview with an expert on underwater technology, engineering, science, history & policy from across the international sub-sea world.
Darwin Experience Goes to the Rocky Shore
Darwin Experience (Dragon LNG)
Info and top tips to exploring what lives on the rocky shore.


Title Description Audience
Marine Science Academy
Two Oceans Aquarium
Marine Science online courses on a variety of topics.
Educators & pupils
Rocky Shore Ecology; Fieldwork Live
Field Studies Council
Carrying out fieldwork on a rocky shore (ID and fieldwork techniques).
Center for Enviroment & Scoiety: One Watersshed
Washington College
Program of activities aligned with MD environmental and global ocean literacy and next generation science standards.
If there is something specific you are looking for and can't find here, please get in touch with us here and we will do the best we can to help.