Call for abstracts

Abstract submission for EMSEA 2019 is now closed.

The 7th annual conference of EMSEA will focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

Ocean Literacy has been identified as “key to advancing the sustainable use and conservation of the oceans”. EMSEA 2019 invites abstract submissions from ocean literacy practitioners to share their insights and best practice on how marine science education and research effectively underpins SDG 14 under the following themes:

  • Marine Science and Education inspired by the Mid-Atlantic
Resting in the Mid-Atlantic at the intersection of the Euroasian, African and North American tectonic plates, the Azores volcanic features with underwater ridges, walls and strong currents, are a magnet for marine life and a treasure throve of inspiration for ocean literacy. This theme invites abstracts focused on ocean literacy practice that emphasises the connections between oceanographic and coastal features and marine life.
  • Environmental Awareness through Marine Education
Marine education, formal or non-formal, elementary or at university level, makes a big impact in increasing environmental awareness which is crucial for sustainable management of marine resources and achieving SDG14. This theme focuses on showcases of marine education initiatives that lead to increased environmental awareness.
  • The impact of Scientific Research on Marine Education and Outreach
Research data collected through different science projects often stay in the scientific community and rarely are transferred to the public realm. Hence, a wide gap exists between what scientists know and what the general public understands about the ocean. There are more and more scientists focusing on outreach of the scientific knowledge and transferring it to their relevant communities (e.g. fishermen, schools etc.) in a simplified form acceptable to non-scientific public. This theme encourages abstracts from the marine science community to showcase examples of outreach and its impacts on at local, regional, national or international levels.
  • MPA, MSP and Ocean Literacy
Ocean literacy is key to understanding the value and importance of marine protected areas (MPAs). At the same time, MPAs are an important agent of ocean literacy through relationships with local stakeholders, educational activities and conservation of marine ecosystems which increase marine environmental awareness. Equally, ocean literacy ensures basic knowledge needed for marine spatial planning (MSP) which ensures sustainability of marine ecosystems and their services. This section encourages abstracts that demonstrate the mutual relationship between increased ocean literacy and support for MPAs and better marine spatial planning.

EMSEA 2019 is committed to providing an opportunity for participants to inspire and be inspired by best practice in ocean literacy. In addition to the traditional oral and poster presentations, workshops and open session, EMSEA 2019 is introducing a new session to the programme of the conference – the EMSEA EXPO, an opportunity to showcase the best ocean literacy hands-on activities and experiments. 

Participants are therefore invited to apply to the following sessions:

Oral presentations

Presenters will be provided with 15 minute slots in their assigned session. Please allow a minimum of 3 minutes for questions within this allocation.

A PC running the latest Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat software will be available. Additional support will be available to connect to projectors using your own laptop. However talks must also be uploaded in either MS Powerpoint or PDF format to the conference PCs to provide a backup.

To enable smooth running of the sessions and good time keeping, we'd like all presenters to load their presentations onto the local machine in advance. The full presentation of accepted oral presentations must be submitted to the IT support team prior to the start of the session.

You give EMSEA permission to film or photograph your presentation at the meeting, which may be used on the EMSEA website and share to EMSEA members and conference attendees. Please state in your submission form if you do not wish us to film or photograph your presentation, alternatively contact with any queries or concerns you may have on this matter.

All enquiries to


Poster presentations

All paper posters must be ISO A0 size (841 × 1189 mm) (unless specified), and portrait. Velcro attachments for posters will be provided.

Printing facilities are not available.

The time and location to display individual posters will be listed in the programme.

Authors will be provided with 2 minutes slots to promote their poster at the Flash Poster Presentation session, ahead of the Poster session. Time and location will be provided in the conference programme.

It is the responsibility of the first author/ named person to ensure the poster is on display in time for the beginning of the event.

Authors may, if they wish, provide A4 hand-outs or notes on their posters for delegates. It is the authors’ responsibility to bring these to the event.

Authors should be available to discuss their poster with meeting delegates so they should indicate the day / time they will be available at their poster display.

Any posters remaining on site at the end of the event will be disposed of, unless prior arrangements have been made with organisers.

Authors must take responsibility for the delivery, display and collection of their posters.

EMSEA do not accept liability for loss of or damage to posters.

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One afternoon session of the conference programme will be dedicated to the EMSEA EXPO, which will be open to local teachers and the public.

Table space will be provided at the EMSEA EXPO for presenters to demonstrate engaging, hands-on activities under the conference themes.

Presenters must take responsibility to supply all materials required for the demonstration.

EMSEA cannot guarantee access to power supply for the demonstrations.

Presenters may, if they wish, provide handouts to promote their organisation and the activities being demonstrated.

Presenters are expected to remain at their stand, and interact with attendees, during the entirety of the EMSEA EXPO session.

It is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure the demonstration is set up at the start, and packed down following the EMSEA EXPO session.

EMSEA do not accept liability for loss of or damage to materials used during the EMSEA EXPO.

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Open Session

If you have an interesting subject which relates to the EMSEA objectives but it is not covered in any of the conference themes, please submit an abstract under this heading.

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th April 2019