Some good practices in European marine education
Currently this list is updated through the European funded SeaChange project. Results will be published as they become available.
  • Acid Ocean I2I:  Virtual lab on ocean acidification and sea urchins for developing research skills (se/en/fr/de/nl)
  • AquaRing: European portal of digital education resources on marine topics (en)
  • Aquascope: Teaching materials on the Swedish marine environment.(en/se)
  • Biorede: Portal on Portuguese marine biodiversity (en/pt)
  • CLAMER: Project on research of climate change in the marine environment and public perception.(en)
  • C-More: a comprehensive American educational website on microorganisms in the sea (en)
  • Classroom@sea: Teacher resources and cruise blogs from research vessels, NOCS (en)
  • Discover Oceanography: Oceanography introduction sessions on board of R.V. Callista, University Southampton (en)
  • Discovering the oceans: Education portal on the French marine environment, IFREMER (en/fr)
  • European Atlas of the Seas: learn more about Europe’s seas and coasts, their environment, related human activities and European policies (en)
  • HERMIONE Learning zone: Resources and information on the research of submarine canyons, seamounts, cold seeps, open slopes and deep basins NOCS (en)
  • Inspiring Seas – Oceans of Teaching Resources: curriculum-linked Teachers’ Toolkit on the physics and technology of shipping and the marine environment NCL (en)
  • Knowing the Ocean – Conhecer o Oceano: Education website of Ciência Viva on Ocean Literacy Initiative in Portugal with curriculum-linked teacher resources (en/pt)
  • Life adrift: Plankton education for 5-11 and 11-16 year olds, SAHFOS (en)
  • LITUS: Monitoring of sandy beaches school program (en/pl)
  • Mar-Eco Learning zone: An extensive and informative website on the research of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and deep sea life. (en)
  • Marinexus: Marine science education activities on the English Channel region (en)
  • MarLIN Learning zone: Curriculum-linked teacher resources on the marine environment of the UK, MBA (en)
  • Planeet Zee: e-learning platform on ocean-topics, VLIZ (nl)
  • Sea on Screen/ ZeeInzicht: Online encyclopaedia of the North Sea which offers plenty of images, movies, sounds and information on various marine topics (nl/en)
  • Spot the jellyfish: Jellyfish reporting by citizen scientists In Malta (en)
  • Stichting Anemoon: Volunteer monitoring projects of Dutch marine life and habitats (nl)
  • The Shore Thing: Education monitoring programme to collect information on the marine life of rocky shores around the UK, MarLIN, MBA (en)
  • Spanish language teacher resources on marine biology (see attachments below) Marine Biology, resources in Spanish