EMSEAgrass Awareness
EMSEAgrass Awareness Month - let's celebrate together! 
Even though March has been recognized as Seagrass Awareness Month for at least a decade now, it is still not a big holiday on the marine education calendar. As EMSEA we believe it’s time to change that. Seagrass meadows are one of the most important ecosystems that we can find across the globe. That’s why we invite you to celebrate EMSEAgrass Awareness Month in March with us. 
How can you join? 
It’s really easy. We know that our members have expertise and skills to educate about seagrasses in their respective regions. We also know that the past 12 months have been a truly difficult time for education and a huge challenge for ocean literacy professionals. Therefore, we want to give you as much freedom in your involvement in this initiative as we can. Here are some guidelines how to become a part of EMSEAgrass Awareness Month: 
  • Include seagrass education in your activities in March 2021. Whether it’s online education, posts in social media, additional information on your institution’s webpage, simply let your community know seagrass is important.  
  • Use #EMSEAgrass and #EMSEAgrassAwareness for all your seagrass posts in social media 
  • Join us for EMSEAgrass online meeting to learn about seagrass education and conservation programs in Europe, exchange ideas, and meet other seagrass enthusiasts. Date, time and agenda coming soon.  
  • Watch us on Facebook to use a custom-made EMSEA-grass Awareness Month profile picture frame