Mediterranean Group in Crete 2015
This section of the website is for the EMSEA-Med group.
Between the first meeting of the EMSEA-Med group in Crete in 2015 and the EMSEA Conference in Belfast in October 2016 the group has developed a guide to Mediterranean Sea Literacy. More information on the Mediterranean Sea Literacy Page.
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Here are the notes to the meeting and the names of the attendees and their information:
Mediterranean Sea Literacy
EMSEA-Med is the Mediterranean branch of European Marine Science Educators Association formed at the #EMSEA15 Annual Conference in Crete in October 2015.  A group of enthusiastic individuals from the Mediterranean countries came together and formed a regional seas group with the aim to promote ocean literacy across the Mediterranean basin.
They decided to meet once a month on a video/audio conference call, to create a EMSEA-Med mailing list, create a forum space online, and to identify projects that would be of mutual benefit.
The Mediterranean Sea is a specific marine environment.  The first mission of this group was to develop Mediterranean Sea Literacy (MSL) following the Ocean Literacy model of principles and concepts at  The goal is to encourage Mediterranean citizens, as well as all those having a stake in it, to be more aware of its potential and to develop a sustainable blue economy.
From October 2015 to October 2016  the group worked together to create this Mediterranean Sea Literacy guide.  The MSL guide first draft was introduced at the EMSEA 2016 Annual Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.